Choosing a Path


In thinking about the final series, here are some links about working in a series and brainstorming to find your path:

how do you work in a series?

Here is a good discussion of the reasons, attitude, motivations, and benefits of working in a series:

reasons for working in a series

And, the following links are brief and useful discussions of finding your style and artistic “voice”,  which constantly evolve:

finding your style

finding your artistic voice

This link ties working in series to contemporary commercial practices:

Really, the significant goal of working in a series is to think more deeply about art and the ideas it addresses, which are not always immediately evident.

art as result of thinking deeply

This is a brief interview with Luc Tuymans about the artistic process and his goals in painting:

Interview with Luc Tuymans

This is a longer video (linked below) on the artist Ida Applebroog who has a plethora of interesting ideas that she addresses in her work. (She is a provocative artist whose filmmaker daughter, Beth B, has just released an acclaimed documentary on her titled, Call Her Applebroog.)

Art 21 Ida Applebroog




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