Landscape painting: context and content

For a context about landscape painting, the Tate Museum has created a great resource:

Here is a contemporary and excellent discussion about studio landscapes and plein air landscapes.   Since this won’t work as a link, put the address into your browser.

Van Gogh’s work is an excellent model for thinking about drawing, painting, and meaning from the landscape. Katherine Tyrrell’s work in the “Trees Gallery”, as you scroll down, gives some good ideas for sylization of the landscape:

No one has paid tribute to Van Gogh’s landscapes in such a vivid and unique way as Akira Kurasawa in a segment of Dreams:


A prolific American artist, Charles Burchfield, provides  a variety of ways to interpret landscapes.  In the Burchfield Penney Museum site below are landsapes by him and his contemporaries.  As well, you can go to the work by him in their collection, including his journals.

And as the article below recounts, they are full of his naturalist philosophy, driven by personal biography:

In her  series, In The Garden, Jennifer Bartlett used artistic creativity to move beyond convention and to discover new elements, each time she approached the same subject:

And, you can find more of the works by a general search in images for jennifer bartlett in the garden series.






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