Gaining Perspective

The following sites as well as the in-class demo will help to “gain perspective.”  And, nothing helps more than to practice and  play the “game” of perspective so that it can be internalized and become somewhat automatic as you translate your vision of 3 dimensional space to a flat picture plane.  Once you understand, you can use perspective naturally without thinking it through.  And, as you become fluent in the language of this tool, you can depart from it for intentional expressive effect.

First some history:


If you have never drawn before, this is a useful video to start to think about drawing anything. Start with the basic shapes….


A useful method in using “empirical perspective” (drawing what you see from your actual point of view and position while using perspective theory) is called “sighting”:

This video shows the careful process of observation and adjustment in the act of drawing from a subject.

This is a great resource for pairing perspective theory with artistic examples.

Here is a short video on two point perspective which you will be more likely to use in your drawing.

And for drawing slopes and tilting boxes (see p. 110 on):


Always, it is practice that will secure your understanding and allow you to draw gesturally with a confident sense of form and space.





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